Wednesday, April 10, 2002

Sign up for Naomi Ragen's email news here. Just got this from her:

Yesterday at 8:05 pm Israel time, CNN broadcast the report of Rula Amin from Jenin. Ms. Amin had with her a sad looking, rather bald fellow with a tear "painted" on his face. He didn't open his mouth, but she regaled us with his terrible maltreatment at the hands of Israeli soldiers who made him (shudder!) take off his clothes, among other atrocities. In the background, the smiling children of Jenin looked on.

Now, and this is the part that we should all be paying attention to, at the time Ms. Amin was broadcasting her sob story, 13 Israeli soldiers had been blown up in a terrorist trap set up amidst civilian housing. Being the most moral army in the world, Israel doesn't allow its planes to bomb houses, even when they are filled with barrels of explosives and suicide bombers, so our young reservists were going house to house. So obvious was the omission, that the CNN anchor in Atlanta had to ask Amin point blank about the death of Israeli soldiers. What did Ms. Amin reply?: That according to her Palestinian sources (ie.unnamed advocates of terror, who are never questioned, and whose information CNN passes on without any "alleged" or other simple, basic journalistic disavowal of unconfirmed reports, or a countering Israeli report) it was the Israelis who had set the bombs up in Palestinian neighborhoods to kill civilians.

This kind of reporting is pure,unadulterated propaganda. Mr. Rick Davis ( who is responsible for the "balance and fairness " of news reports, and who claims not only to be Jewish but to have family in Israel, is responsible for the excesses of Ms. Amin, who is notorious for her "we" reporting from the Palestinian camp.

Today, at the funeral of one of the soldiers killed, his father said: "We're sacrificing our sons so it should look better on CNN." And I say to the Israeli government, you are getting our boys killed, but you will not get a fair, accurate or balanced report from CNN.

All those of you who are looking to help, why not print up and distribute car stickers which tell the truth? Some suggestions:

Don't Trust CNN
(C)ommerical (N)azi (N)ews
Terrorism Speaks: CNN broadcasts
CNN: A terrorist's best friend
(C)ertainly (N)ot (N)ews
CNN Lies
CNN: Terrorist Apologists

All those of you in Atlanta, what about some signs with these slogans in front of CNN headquarters?

Our soldiers are dying in house to house searches, risking their lives to prevent civilian casualties, but CNN will broadcast terrorist lies anyway, causing Israeli deaths, and preventing us from defending ourselves.

Please get angry. Please get the word out.