Monday, April 08, 2002

Here's that note I mentioned from Naomi Ragan:

Dear Friends:

This Passover, I and my family were at the Park Hotel seder night. We left the lobby and went upstairs to begin a private seder. Five minutes later, the building shook as the worst carnage in recent Israeli history took place.

I wrote about this experience. An editor at the New York Times who read it said it was compelling, but they were going to run another piece on the Passover Massacre by a Scott Andersen. Oh, I asked, was he also there? No, he wasn't. But the New York Times prefers to get their stories from people who weren't there. Or from Israeli leftists like Yossi Sarid, and Yossi Beilin, and Shlomo Ben Ami, two-bit politicians all of whom are considered traitors by the average Israeli, who have nothing to do with their time but sell Israel and her people out again and again to any enemy willing to give them the time of day.

I feel the miracle of survival, and the anger at all those who allow, support, and encourage the Islamic-Nazis to continue their work. I'm angry at the hotel security guard who didn't do his job (believe me, I was an eyewitness) At the hotel manager who didn't do his. I'm angry at the government of Israel for eight years of useless appeasement that let Arafat and his terrorists in and allowed them to build up bomb factories; I'm angry at the present government of Israel which took so long to go into the rat-warrens of the terrorist scum in the Palestinian controlled territories in which they are now taking out thousands and thousands of weapons and bomb-building equipment. I'm angry at the hypocrisy of the European scum who blow up synagogues and burn Jewish school buses and talk about what we are doing to the Poor Palestinians. I'm angry at the American President who says he understands Israel's right to defend herself, and then sends us Colin Powell the appeaser to tie our soldiers hands and force them to leave "Palestinian towns" which only became Palestinian towns because of Oslo, whish is now defunct, because our government-- the late, long lamented Mr. Rabin and the unlamented Mr. Peres-- arranged to hand it over to them. I'm angry at American Jews for sitting at home when Palestinians are taking over Times Square shouting out their hatred.

If the Israeli army is forced to withdraw, allowing terrorists to once again take over our streets, that is the end of this country, our beloved Israel. I'd like you to think about that and act accordingly. This is the greatest emergency the Jewish people have faced since the transports.

I almost lost my whole family.

The family of Israel stands to lose its future and repeat its past.

Naomi Ragen