Saturday, March 23, 2002

Today, with PhotoShop and its ilk, a camera can seem to lie. But CAMERA doesn't. Visit this site frequently for encouragement.
WorldNetDaily: Sharon to let Arafat go to Beirut? Violence works--at least for Arafat and his friends. It gets them what they want.

It doesn't have to be this way, Mr. Sharon. You could return to the principles you proclaimed so vociferously before you were elected.

Friday, March 22, 2002

Israel's Suicide is a harsh but accurate appraisal of Israel's present political stance. Why doesn't everyone see this?
Before you go to this link, let me warn you: At the bottom of the page that will open, there is a link to horrible pictures of Arabs who were tortured and mutilated by their Arab brothers because they were suspected of working with Israel The linked page talks about why these AP pictures disappeared quickly from the "popular press." Why did AP pull the pix?
The Christians Who Hate the Jews - an excellent piece. It contrasts the "replacement theology" crowd with that of evangelical Christianity, much of which is very supportive of Israel and the Jews. However, it could leave the reader with the impression that the majority of people calling themselves "Christians" hold the "replacement theology" point of view--that the Creator is finished with the Jews, and that the Christians are the heirs of all the promises to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. I don't have a census, but I don't believe, from my limited contacts with those communities, that that is the case.

I wonder what anyone holding to "replacement theoology" does with the New Testament's Paul, who says in Romans 11:1: "I say then, Hath God cast away his people? God forbid."

As Jews, we have to make a distinction among different "Christian" groups. Hitler adopted that label, but so did Corrie Ten Boom, a Yad vaShem "Righteous Gentile." And they meant VERY different things by it. In Hitler's demonically warped worldview, killing Jews was a fulfillment of his spiritual destiny; in Corrie Ten Boom's view, saving Jews--even imperiling one's own life to do so--was mandated by the Creator's Genesis 12:3 promise: "And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee, and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed."

Thursday, March 21, 2002 - Rabbi Ordered To Stop Home Prayer tells how a rabbi in Orlando is being fined for holding prayer meetings in his home. Is this an isolated incident? Does it reflect an upsurge in anti-semitism?
Joan Peters felt bad for the Palestinians. She went to them and asked if she might help document their claims and their cause. They opened their archives to her--and she discovered, as she worked, that modern Palestine was an invention, a concoction of a "nation," that had never existed! Read the whole story in From Time Immemorial.
Truth is elusive--but it can be found, and each of us has a duty to find it. Terror and the War on Terror in Words will help you get to the truth about terror, and recognize ways in which it is hidden.

My friend Professor Shy Lang, who has a long history of involvement in a variety of realms in Israel, taught me what terror is: "It is an attempt to exert political influence on a nation. It has five parties: The instigator, who has a political goal to achieve; the terrorist, sent by the instigator; the innocent parties--and the more innocent and pathetic, the better--upon whom the terror is inflicted; the general population, who is terrified by the act; and the leaders of the government whom the instigator wants to influence, and who will be pressured by the terrorized to achieve the instigator's political goal."

When you learn of an act of terror, ask yourself: Who are the five parties? What is the goal?
The Jerusalem Post Newspaper : Online News From Israel Arafat may not be a master negotiator--but he doesn't have to be, since his interests coincide with those who can apply behind-the-scenes pressure to achieve his ends. For the full story: The Secret War Against the Jews
For documented specifics about media bias in reporting about Israel, What is Bias? brings some clarity to the picture.
"Feeding the Mouth that Bites" is the title of this outstanding and simple article by Yehezkel Bin Nun. Before we can forsake insanity, we must recognize it.