Friday, May 24, 2002

Disregard for Truth in the Media

Israel News : Jerusalem Post Internet Edition reports: "WHEN NINE TIMES as many Israeli dead as Palestinian ones are women, it's awfully hard to believe in allegations of indiscriminate Israeli attacks on Palestinian civilians, to say nothing of an even division of claims on victimhood and blame. It's such a nagging little truth - and so easy to ignore. Then again, as a sage British politician once observed, "nagging is the repitition of unpalatable truths.""

Jpost: Israeli victims don't count at State

This is not an oversight, or a slight. It represents a considered (however absurd it might seem) position on a deadly serious issue. American Jews: If you think this doesn't affect your life, you need to go back and read some Holocaust books.

Suicide bomber explodes outside of Tel Aviv club, 5 injured

israelinsider: Breaking News
At around 1:00 a.m. a terrorist attempted to drive into the "Studio 49" club on Kibbutz Galuyot Street in south Tel Aviv. The security guard stationed at the club's entrance fired at the terrorist, killing him as the car, packed with explosives, exploded. Five Israelis sustained moderate to light injuries in the blast.

Jenin Abuses - By "Palestinians" (WSJ)

This WSJ article points out that there were human rights abuses in Jenin - only not by Israel.

Wednesday, May 22, 2002

Wanna boycott Jews? Some specific suggestions

Israel PR Ambassadors offers a starting point for anyone desiring to boycott Jews and things Jewish:

Boycott Vitamins! They were discovered by the Jew Doctor Funk!
Boycott West Side Story! It was composed by the Jew Leonard Bernstein!
Boycott the Corvette! It was co-designed by the Jew Zora Arkus-Duntov!
Boycott four wheel disc brakes and a fuel injection! Also invented by the Jew Zora Arkus-Duntov!
Boycott the Syphilis test! It was developed by the Jew Doctor Nuslin!
Boycott the TV Remote Control! It was invented by the Jew Robert Adler!
Boycott Porgy and Bess! It was composed by the Jew George Gershwin!
Boycott Insulin! It was discovered by the Jew Doctor Minofski!
Boycott the Video Player! It was invented by the Jew Charles Ginsburg!
Boycott Color TV! It was developed by the Jew Peter Goldmark!
Boycott Seinfeld! It was created by the Jew Jerry Seinfeld!
Boycott Streptomycin! It was discovered by the Jew Doctor Woronan!
Boycott E.T.! It was created by the Jew Steven Spielberg!
Boycott the shopping cart! It was invented by the Jew Sylvan Goldman!
Boycott the Polio Vaccine! It was developed by the Jew Doctors Salk and Sabin!
Boycott the Ten Commandments! They were invented by a Jewish God!

Ruth Matar in Tidewater, Virginia

I just returned from an evening with Ruth Matar, founder of Women in Green, the down-to-earth movement in support of Israel. It was inspiring to be in her presence! I urge you to check out Women in Green, and get behind it if you can. This is a volunteer organization; nobody takes any money for the wonderful work they do. Visit their Web site, and find a way to participate. Every dollar you invest goes into the work, not into fundraising.


Alice in Wonderland is non-fiction compared to the Arabs' declarations....

Two Killed in Rishon LeZion

...while the State Department gives the PA a clean bill of health vis-a-vis terrorism.

Tuesday, May 21, 2002

Jihad Defined: Few Americans Know This

Bat Ye'or is an Egyptian living in Switzerland who authored "The Dhimmi," an authoritative description of how Islam regards Jews and Christians ("dhimmi" means roughly "protected ones"). Bat Ye'or address Middle East Forum on the topic of the nature of jihad; here is a summary.

Capitulation Breeds Contempt

Daniel Pipes in the Jerusalem Post: "When Israel retreats before an enemy that seeks its destruction, it is perceived as weak. This in turn emboldens that enemy to step up its attacks. The lesson: Israel should consider pulling out of disputed territories only after having achieved true and permanent acceptance of its existence by its enemies."

Monday, May 20, 2002

WorldNetDaily: The day Arafat was offered power

Joseph Farah comments on Arafat's past:

"What's the lesson here?

"It is one that has been overlooked by history. Arafat will settle for nothing less than all of Israel. There is little point in negotiating with him. Other Arab leaders have learned this first hand – which is why he will never again be allowed to operate on their turf. "

Film to 'dispel Arab propaganda'

Wow! Someone is planning a film based on Joan Peters' From Time Immemorial' My thought: Hooray!

Naomi Ragen: Letter from the Golan

A friend of Naomi writes an articulate and moving letter.

Park Hotel Chef Killed in Netanya Blast

One of the three Israelis killed in Netanya yesterday was the chef from the Park Hotel, who had survived the Passover Massacre.

Sunday, May 19, 2002

Active vs. Passive Voice

Judean Voice observes: "When reading the newspaper, take a second to notice how the death of Israelis is always described in the passive and the death of Arabs, in the active. That is, a Jewish youngster shot dead by Arabs while sitting at home is: Israeli youth killed as Palestinians infiltrate settlement, but an Arab youth killed while threatening Jewish lives is "Israeli soldiers shoot dead Palestinian boy"."


State Department tells Congress there was `no clear evidence' Arafat directed terror attacks. All this means is that the perenially anti-Israel State Department (see "The Secret War Against the Jews," among MANY others) has something horrible up its sleeve.

Netanya Market: (1 killed, 48 injured) Update: 3 killed, 50 injured

This Ha'aretz article reports how Arafat is not attacking Israeli civlilians....As we've noted here, just look at any of the pseudo-military patches of any of Arafat's groups - his own, Tanzim. El-Aksa Martyrs Brigade, Hamas, PFLP, et nauseating al - and you'll see a map of the area whose residents are considered fair game by him and his ghouls. It is all of Israel.