Saturday, June 29, 2002

Why the Left hates Israel

Writing in FrontPage, Bruce S. Thornton points out that all the reasons the Left gives are false, because if they were true, Syria would be told to stop occupying Lebanon, etc., etc.

Wednesday, June 26, 2002

Bush's speech, take two

An Israeli friend called and explained to me why President Bush's speech was actually a great victory for Israel: "Sharon did not move an inch, yet Bush basically said Arafat must go; withdrawal only to "safe borders"; no "Palestinian" state while there is still terror...what more could he have said on Israel's behalf?" I guess in the context of realpolitik he is right.

But in the simple context of reality and truth, I'd have liked it better if President Bush had said, "We will make sure the world repatriates the "Palestinians" to their native lands. And anyone who claims Islam as their religion is an enemy in our book."

That's what he should have said.

Naomi Ragen: Kolberg on the Shahid

In this authoritative discussion, Professor Kolberg makes it clear why Moslems can never be at peace with Israel--or with anyone else.

A Brief History of Yasir Arafat

This Atlantic Monthly piece highlights little-known facts about him.

Monday, June 24, 2002

Wesley Pruden encourages Washington to think

Wesley Pruden writes in Jewish World Review about the physics of a suicide bomb and the insanity of rewarding those who employ such means to gain their way.

Bush: Palestinian state conditional on new leadership

Here's a transcript of the president's speech. Its content is completely bewildering to me in its flagrant denial of reality. Consider one example: "The United States, along with the European Union and Arab states, will work with Palestinian leaders to create a new constitutional framework and a working democracy for the Palestinian people."

The Arab states??? Which of them has any experience whatsoever in constitutional frameworks and working democracies?

Here's another: "Today, Palestinian authorities are encouraging, not opposing terrorism.

[This is misleading. "Palestinian" authorities are PERFORMING, not encouraging, terrorism.]

"This is unacceptable. And the United States will not support the establishment of a Palestinian state until its leaders engage in a sustained fight against the terrorists and dismantle their infrastructure."

"Unacceptable" is a great term. But without some sort of action, it is empty. How long has it been "unacceptable" without the US taking any steps?

The whole speech is that way. The only encouragement I draw from it is that Mr. Bush didn't actually take Arafat's side. But he did claim that the other Arab states and the EU are going to work together to bring peace in the region.

That is a sad fantasy.

G-d will fight for His people, who should trust in Him!

5 minutes to see how things got to be this way

Alas, the site was too popular, and overwhelmed the server of Udi and Mal Ohana, who had produced the presentation. They are presently seeking other ways to get it out. I'll let you know as soon as I hear.

[Watch this outstanding presentation; then send the url to everyone you know.]

Sunday, June 23, 2002

lgf: palestinian child abuse

Read about - and see - this graduation ceremony. (Thanks, Janice!)

Gary Schafer: Land for peace / Peace for land

This sounds good to me! In a letter to IsraelInsider, Schafer writes:

"A new direction is required of Israel if it is ever to know peace.

"Israel has offered land to the Palestinians for a guaranteed peace, recognition of the State of Israel, and for the right to exist. This has not worked.

"Israelis non-combatants, women and children are being murdered daily by terrorists and their suicide bombers. Hamas is supporting them, and Arafat and his Fatah party are either powerless to stop them or behind closed doors, they are content with their actions.

"Israel must now look at "peace for land." The shoe must be put on the other foot, the Palestinian foot. The table must be turned.

"Israel should take the West Bank and Gaza Strip and divide it on a comprehensive map, into small sections. Give each section a number corresponding to their defense and security requirements. One being the most easily defended by Israel, and so on until all of this land is numbered.

"Each time an Israeli non-combatant is killed or dies from injuries from a terrorist attack the Israeli military takes immediate action. For each death, a section is taken by the Israeli military and all people living or working there are pushed back into remaining sections.

"Every month that goes by without a terrorist attack, a section is released back to the Palestinians in reverse order.

"This plan would galvanize those Palestinians that want peace for themselves and their families and those that desperately want their own homeland and national identity. They would be the ones clamoring for and end to these terrible atrocities against Israeli women and children. Even the hard liners would be made to see the cause and effect of their actions. A slow, methodical plan that is unstoppable.

"What needs to be done? A plan, a map and the will to carry it out."

Truth and Clarity in Judea and Samaria

Clear words from Rabbi Waldman.