Thursday, April 04, 2002

Israel Resource Review -- Item 2 on the list of contents examines the differences between the Hebrew and English versions of Ha'aretz.
Israel Resource Review -- 1st April, 2002. On just the front page of this site, you will read stories filed by registered journalists that don't make it into the US press--but that are wonderfully enlightening. Read this.
George F. Will: Damaging case of amnesia. Our most frequent question: Why does nobody else see this?
George F. Will: Wall to follow war. Why does Sharon hesitate to exile Arafat?
George F. Will: Wall to follow war. Why does Sharon hesitate to exile Arafat?
George F. Will: Wall to follow war. Why does Sharon hesitate to exile Arafat?
Anti-Israel Terrorism Gets Money From Money Laundering in U.S. Read the reference to a lawsuit just filed by former Federal prosecutor John Loftus.
Arab Leagues peace plan, de-Orwellized: What they said vs. what they meant.

Tuesday, April 02, 2002

Agoraphobia - but induced by terror - is Israel's present condition. But even those who mock Passover as a myth now acknowledge its prophetic nature.
This can help you understand the gentle but unshakeable conviction of Israel.
My friend is a music therapist in Jerusalem. He wrote me, "Our "shomer " (guard) in the school of the autistic children (and regular kids) had a vacation for the Pessach but he needed the money so he got a temporary job at the supermarket at Kiryat Hayovel, He stopped the terrorist with his body preventing many casualties by stopping her at the entrance of the super. Chyim was great with the kids and especially with the autistic children,

"He has a wife a five kids that were left behind ...

"I can not see another person replacing him at the school entrance....

"That's life."

Monday, April 01, 2002

Can anyone still be wondering about Arafat and his intentions? Read and bookmark Debka.
Amnesiac media forget Arafat's broken deals. Andrew Schmookler on the "elephant in the room." You need to register to read this Baltimore Sun article; it will be available for free until about April 10.

Sunday, March 31, 2002

Some responses to PM Sharon's speech:

The head of the ultra-secularist Shinui party, MK Yosef Lapid, said that “it appears that Sharon’s speech was cut off in the middle and that after the technical difficulties are resolved, he will continue and explain to the nation what are his plans, what are the objectives of entering into the Palestinian towns and where all this is supposed to lead.”

Chairman of the Knesset, Labor MK Avraham Burg, echoed Lapid saying, “The Prime Minister’s speech proves that we do not know where we are going… When there is no choice, one must act with a heavy hand, but it must not be a war for the sake of war. Rather, a war that would give hope for a normal future life in Israel. The government must understand this and act accordingly.”

MK Michael Kleiner, of the one-man Herut faction, stated that the Prime Minister seems ridiculous when he calls Yasser Arafat an enemy of the nation and of the entire free world, while at the same time seeing to it that he received pita bread over the Passover holiday. “It’s a good thing he didn’t give him matzot,” Kleiner said, “If Arafat is the enemy of the nation and of the free world, then it is unconscionable that he enjoys immunity from attack, that he receives foodstuffs, water, electricity, that he is able to be interviewed on CNN and that he receives courtesy calls from leftist groups.”
Summary of Sharon's address to the nation of Israel; hope he suits deeds to the words.