Thursday, November 21, 2002

Who owns the land? Follow-up

Many thanks to the list member who supplied the following additional information about who owns the land of Israel. The truth will be heard, if we shout it long enough and loud enough. It will be heard above the bombs, the sceams of the fanatics in the streets of Bagdad and Islamabad, and the yada yada of the brain-dead news media. It will.

Naomi Ragen

After 1948, the land of Arabs who left the territory of Israel was assigned to an administrator of absentee lands, and under Israeli law the absentee Arabs could return and reclaim their land. Thousands of them did so (the figures I have seen are over 15,000). As to those absentee Arab land owners who refused to deal with Israel, their land was taken by eminent domain (called "compulsory purchase" in British law, or "expropriation" in European civil law), and they were paid fair market value plus interest.

This is a story that for some reason has not received any publicity, an act of informational neglect that from the point of view of "hasbara" (Hebrew: "explanation") is positively criminal. This story should be told.

Gideon Kanner
Professor of Law Emeritus
Loyola Law School

Don't take my word for any of this. Check it out with your Israeli sources. I believe that the Office of Administrator of Absentee Property still exists in Israel. Please check it out.

Gary Bauer: No Peace In Jerusalem

Millions of American families engaged in the morning ritual of getting our children off to school today. We rushed looking for lost textbooks, forgotten lunch bags, and fought to overcome inevitable morning traffic jams. But none of us had to contend with the horror that once again confronted the parents of Jerusalem as their children were slaughtered by another Palestinian homicide bomber.

The number 20 bus was packed with Israelis this morning, including students on their way to school, when Nael Abu Hilayel boarded the bus on his murderous mission. When the fire and smoke cleared, children could be heard calling out for their "mama." Eleven people were killed and at least 40 wounded.

There are early reports that some of the wounded suffered unusual burns, raising concerns that some type of chemical was used in the attack. Previous bombers have coated their shrapnel with rat poison, which makes it difficult to stop victims from bleeding.

The dead had not yet been completely identified when Hamas rushed to take "credit" for the attack and issued a statement saying, "We confirm the path of jihad and martyrdom is continuing in every part of our occupied land as long as there is occupation..." Hamas is not referring to the West Bank or Gaza. To these murderous thugs all of Israel is "occupied" and nothing short of driving the Jews into the sea will satisfy them. Truly these are Hitler's sons.

The Silence

What happens now is not hard to predict. The elites in diplomatic circles have an uncanny ability to restrain their outrage when it comes to slaughtered Jews. U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan will issue a suitable milquetoast statement, but there will be no emergency session of the U.N. Security Council as routinely happens when Israel defends itself. The peace activists on college campuses throughout Europe and the United States will not pour into the streets in protest of these civilian deaths. The European Union will not announce an economic boycott of the Muslim countries that subsidize Hamas, Hezbollah and the other terror groups. They are too busy placing sanctions on Israel! And, even here in Washington, D.C., Colin Powell and the State Department will pen a few words of sympathy while they continue to feverishly work on ways to pressure Israel to make peace with murderers and undermine the efforts to remove Saddam Hussein from power.

A Bloody Day

The carnage in Jerusalem is only part of radical Islam's "accomplishments" today. An American missionary (a woman no less) was shot in the head and killed in Syrian-occupied Lebanon at the infirmary where she worked. Two U.S. soldiers were shot in Kuwait by a Kuwaiti policeman. There have been bombings in India and Nigeria linked to what the media calls Islamic "militants."

Can anyone really doubt that there is a world war raging that cannot be won with worthless treaties or politically correct self-delusion, but can only be won, as wars always are, with courage, confidence and sacrifice? The civilization we defend, built on a foundation of Judeo-Christian morality, must prevail against the Islamic fundamentalism that hates us for what we do right, not for what we have done wrong.

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11 dead, 47 injured from bombing of Jerusalem bus

DEBKAfile Sources: Haddasah hospital reports Israeli victims of Jerusalem bus bombing Thursday suffered unusually excessive burns in view of brief bus fire. Palestinians terrorist suspected of using new type of explosive or lacing it with new chemical.

Palestinian suicide bombing in early Thursday rush hour left 11 Israelis dead, injured 47 - 8 seriously - on packed Jerusalem Bus No. 20 on Mexico Street in residential neighborhood of Kiryat Menahem

Many blast victims were children traveling to school.

Wednesday, November 20, 2002

Farah: The Jews took no one's land

By Joseph Farrah

WorldNet Daily - November 19, 2002

As the most visible Arab-American critic of Yasser Arafat and the phony"Palestinian" agenda, I get a lot of hate mail.I've even received more than my share of death threats. Most of those who attack me – at least those who bother to get beyond the four-letter words and insults – say I just don't understand or have sympathy for these poor Arabs who were displaced, chased out of their homes and turned into refugees by the Israelis.

Let me state this plainly and clearly: The Jews in Israel took no one's land.

When Mark Twain visited the Holy Land in the 19th century, he was greatly disappointed. He didn't see any people. He referred to it as a vast wasteland. The land we now know as Israel was practically deserted. By the beginning of the 20th century, that began to change. Jews from all over the world began to return to their ancestral homeland – the Promised Land Moses and Joshua had conquered millennia earlier, Christians and Jews believe, on the direct orders of God. That's not to say there wasn't always a strong Jewish presence in the land – particularly in and around Jerusalem. In 1854, according to a report in the New York Tribune, Jews constituted two-thirds of the population of that holy city. The source for that statistic? A journalist on assignment in the Middle East that year for the Tribune. His name was Karl Marx. Yes, that Karl Marx.

A travel guide to Palestine and Syria, published in 1906 by Karl Baedeker, illustrates the fact that, even when the Islamic Ottoman Empire ruled the region, the Muslim population in Jerusalem was minimal. The book estimates the total population of the city at 60,000, of whom 7,000 were Muslims, 13,000 were Christians and 40,000 were Jews. "The number of Jews has greatly risen in the last few decades, in spite of the fact that they are forbidden to immigrate or to possess landed property," the book states. Even though the Jews were persecuted, still they came to Jerusalem and represented the overwhelming majority of the population as early as 1906. And even though Muslims today claim Jerusalem as the third holiest site in Islam, when the city was under Islamic rule, they had little interest in it.

As the Jews came, drained the swamps and made the deserts bloom, something interesting began to happen. Arabs followed. I don't blame them. They had good reason to come. They came for jobs. They came for prosperity. They came for freedom. And they came in large numbers.

Winston Churchill observed in 1939: "So far from being persecuted, the Arabs have crowded into the country and multiplied till their population has increased more than even all world Jewry could lift up the Jewish population." Then came 1948 and the great partition. The United Nations proposed the creation of two states in the region – one Jewish, one Arab. The Jews accepted it gratefully. The Arabs rejected it with a vengeance and declared war.

Arab leaders urged Arabs to leave the area so they would not be caught in the crossfire. They could return to their homes, they were told, after Israel was crushed and the Jews destroyed. It didn't work out that way. By most counts, several hundred thousand Arabs were displaced by this war – not by Israeli aggression, not by some Jewish real-estate grab, not by Israeli expansionism. In fact, there are many historical records showing the Jews urged the Arabs to stay and live with them in peace. But, tragically, they chose to leave.

Fifty-four years later, the sons and daughters and grandsons and granddaughters of those refugees are all-too-often still living in refugee camps – not because of Israeli intransigence, but because they are misused as a political tool of the Arab powers. Those poor unfortunates could be settled in a week by the rich Arab oil states that control 99.9 percent of the Middle East landmass, but they are kept as virtual prisoners, filled with misplaced hatred for Jews and armed as suicide martyrs by the Arab power brokers.

This is the modern real history of the Arab-Israeli conflict. At no time did the Jews uproot Arab families from their homes. When there were title deeds to be purchased, they bought them at inflated prices. When there were not, they worked the land so they could have a place to live without the persecution they faced throughout the world.

It's a great big lie that the Israelis displaced anyone – one of a series of lies and myths that have the world on the verge of committing yet another great injustice to the Jews.

Sunday, November 17, 2002

Abba Eban, 87

This obituary by Marc D. Charney in the New York Times is very good. (You must register to read it, but it is free.)

From the obituary:

Abba Eban, the erudite diplomat whose oratory and wit gained admiration and sympathy for Israel during the perilous first 30 years of its independence, died today in a hospital near Tel Aviv, Foreign Ministry and hospital officials said. He was 87.

Mr. Eban was an effective negotiator at talks that helped shape the destiny of his country in its early years, but it was his public voice and its impact on international opinion that set him apart. He gave elegant and passionate expression to Israel's right to exist, instilled pride and solidarity in the Jewish diaspora and was a formidable debater against his nation's enemies.

Ragen: Who is responsible for Hebron's fallen?

From Naomi Ragen:


In the aftermath of the battle that took 12 Jewish lives in Hebron, and hospitalized 16, we in Israel mourn our dead, and ask some pointed questions about our political leadership. The battle began when Jewish worshippers and the soldiers protecting them returned from Friday evening prayers at the Tomb of the Patriarchs and were attacked by Islamic Jihad terrorists hiding behind olive trees and possibly inside the homes of Hebron's Arab inhabitants that line the narrow road between the Tomb and the Jewish township of Kiryat Arba. Jewish troops were pointedly removed from Hebron only two weeks ago by then-Minister of Defense Ben-Eliezer, despite strenuous objections by the top commander in Hebron Col. Dror Weinberg. Today, Israel's Chief of Staff said the three Jihad terrorists who perpetrated the outrage (who had fled Hebron) returned when Mr. Ben-Eliezer instituted his "plan" to remove troops in order to start a "dialogue" with the inhabitants of Hebron.

Col. Weinberg, who leaves behind five small children and a pregnant wife, was considered one of Israel's finest, and was in line for a promotion to head the prestigious paratroopers this summer, the first skull-cap-wearing soldier to hold this top position.

There is great anger among Israelis for what is seen as Eliezer's irresponsible, vote-grabbing decision (Mr. Ben-Eliezer was hoping to become candidate for the Prime Minister of Israel and wanted to curry favor with Labor Party leftists. This is my opinion.) An article to this effect appeared today in Hatzofeh by Haggai Huberman, who wrote: "Twelve soldiers and fighters headed by the commander of the Hebron Brigade, Col. Dror Weinberg, paid on Sabbath Eve the price of Fuad Ben-Eliezer's primaries. These dead are the result of the decision of the previous minister of defense to remove the IDF from most of the area of Hebron some two weeks ago out of political considerations and a desire to present the image of a diplomat carrying out diplomatic processes."

Mr. Ben-Eliezer, interviewed on radio, charged Huberman with being guilty of blood libel and repeating the same incitement that led to the murder of Prime Minister Rabin. (This charge seems to be the last bastion of Leftists scoundrels everywhere.) Ben-Eliezer said that he plans to file charges with the police for the arrest of the correspondent.
One wonders at the arrogance of these petty politicians. Instead of contacting his lawyer, I suggest "Fuad" contact the families of the people below and beg their forgiveness for helping to get their loved ones murdered. He can then contact the families of the 21 soldiers in Jenin that were not allowed to use air cover because "Fuad" didn't want to look bad on CNN) and then he can ask the forgiveness of every single Israeli he was supposed to be protecting as Defense Minister, for being an arrogant, small-minded, selfish, stupid little politician, instead of a Jewish statesmen responsible for Jewish lives. I'm sorry if that sounds harsh. A day of Jewish funerals--that were completely unnecessary--does that to me.

The following list was compiled by Harvey Tannenbaum, who says he based it on an article in Maariv.

Fallen in the Battle of Hebron, November 16, 2002

Alex Duchan, 33
, left Paris 16 years ago. This teenager had had enough of Paris and its French antisemites. He made aliyah on his own and attended high school and yeshiva in Jerusalem. Alex moved to Kiryat Arba a few years ago and became a volunteer citizen in the ''emergency readiness team.'' Alex was always with his weapons, even when he was ''off duty.'' Alex was with the 'emergency' response team who tried to rescue the soldiers pinned down by the terrorists on Friday night's cross fire. His sons Yehuda, 8, Eliyahu, 6, Yochai, 5, and Tehila, a daughter, 3, will today say kaddish as they bury their father, as they grasp the hands of their mother.

Alex Svitman, 26, had just finished making kiddush for his wife, Leyda, and their sets of parents were just going to wash for Friday night Hamotzi in Kiryat Arba as his beeper went off to go to the terror attack in Hebron. Leyda, his wife, had just celebrated her birthday on Thursday. Alex raised his cup after hamotzi and wished a "Mazal Tov, and Lechayim, and said to his wife, 'I love you.' Alex made aliyah from the Ukraine 12years ago and moved to Kiryat Arba. Alex was the second member of the 'emergency' team to fall in the crossfire on Friday night.

Igor Draviski never told his mother where he was serving in the IDF. "I'm in Tel Aviv watching the restaurants as part of my duty." These words of explanation were how Igor explained his whereabouts in the IDF to his mother. Igor and his parents left Azerbijan 6years ago for the promised land. Igor was an army medic who ran to try and help his commander, Colonel Dror Weinberg, from the crossfire. Igor was engaged to be married next month. Igor died and left his parents, a brother, and sisterinlaw and two nephews.

Dan Cohen, 22, was named after an uncle who was killed in the Yom Kippur War. Dan was a graduate of Neve Shmuel Yeshiva High School here in Efrat. Dan added another year of hesder at Ein Tzurim near Efrat. Dan was an officer at 22 and rising in the IDF. Dan was hit by the PLO terrorists as one of the first IDF soldiers on Friday night. Dan had just been transferred with his unit to Hebron last week. Dan is survived by his parents and two sisters, who now live in Maale Adumim.

David Marcus, 22, was always in competition with his brothers as to who would serve in a 'more combat' unit than the other sibling. At 3PM on Friday, David called his father to say Shabbat Shalom and that he was going on duty for the night. David made aliyah from Russia 6 years ago with his father and older brother. Although his parents were divorced, David was close to his mother, still in Russia. David's older brother was serving in another special unit not far away. Today David will be buried in full military honors later today as a brother and father say kaddish, while the mother from Russia sees what aliyah did for her son.

Dror Weinberg, 38, father of 5, a religious top ranking Colonel, set to be head of the Parachutists Brigade next summer, jumped out of his office and told his soldiers "Watch yourselves," as he ran out to the battle on Friday night. Dror learned in Yeshiva Merkaz Harav Kook after growing up in Kfar Saba. Dror was one of the highest ranking officers proudly donning his knitted kippa. Dror received his first medal of honor from Yitzchak Rabin then Prime Minister and Defense Minister. Dror continued to rise in the ranks of the IDF as he was sworn in as an officer in Hebron in 1996 on the hills of Abu Sneineh, where 6years later on this infamous Friday night, Dror would die in battle.

Last month, Dror and Hadassah Weinberg moved from their two room apartment where they had raised 5children in Kiryat Moshe to a 5room apartment in Kiryat Moshe. Dror was so proud as he toured each room to 'present' it to each child, who no longer would all be sleeping in the same room, as the kids had done for so long. Hadassah is pregnant with her 6th child. Dror is survived by Uri, 3, whose hair cutting ceremony was scheduled for Chanukah, Yishai, 5, Eitan, 8, Yael, 11, and Yoav, 14. Dror would commute as often as possible to see his kids in Jerusalem while his responsibility as "Machat" top officer in Hebron would allow. Hadassah Weinberg spent this Shabbat with her sister in Beer Sheva, as she knew that her officer-husband had to be in Hebron for Shabbat.

Today four of the five children will recite kaddish together and perhaps the unborn fetus will answer amen as Hadassah holds the 3-year-old whose blonde and long hair has covered every newspaper's front page today.

Tomer Nov, 19, was the baby of his family born to his parents, then in their mid 40's. As Tomer joined the army 8months ago, he was always the first off his jeep in battle. Tomer never wanted a 'day off' from his IDF and always volunteered to take the days off for other soldiers. Tomer was killed at the battle and is survived by his parents, brother, 31, and sister, 28.

Netanel Macholouf, 19, was a "Tzaddik" (“righteous person”) according to his sister, who was interviewed today before the funeral. A Jew who dies on Shabbat is a Tzaddik was her explanation to the radio interviewer. Netanel was an officer whose dream was to lead a unit in combat. Netanel was killed trying to rescue the other soldiers during the crossfire. Netanel is survived by his parents, siblings, Baruch, 34, Shuva, 16, and Galit 18.

Yeshaiyu Dvidov, 21, was a Magav soldier for the National Police. He too immigrated from Azerbeijan 12 years ago. He had just been accepted to law school for 2003. Yeshaiyu was a medic and an officer. He was killed as he too ran into the crossfire to pull out the wounded. He is survived by his parents, a brother, 11, and a sister, 29.
Gadi Rachamim, 19, had just gotten a citation of merit for capturing #2 in Hebron from the Hamas. Gadi had pulled out two injured soldiers from the terror attack on Friday night. Gadi went back in to try and rescue a third wounded soldier when he was felled by the bullets of the terrorists' guns. Gadi was supposed to be off duty and at home on Shabbat. However, his commanding officer cancelled all leaves on Friday morning due to warnings in the area. Gadi is survived by his parents, a 5-year-old brother, a 12-year-old brother and 17-year-old sister.

Smaiach Swidan, the Druze officer, had been wounded years ago in Lebanon. Smaiach returned to his reserve duty and was the first officer fighting the terrorists before his commander, Colonel Weinberg arrived on the scene. He had served in Ramallah, Schechem, and now was with his paratroop unit in Hebron. He is survived by his wife, 2 children, and parents, and six brothers, all of whom are serving in the IDF.

Yitzchak Boenesh, 48, was the head of the emergency response team in Kiryat Arba. Many Shabbatot, Col. Dror Weinberg, would catch a kiddush and a meal with the Boenesh family. The seven children, wife, and atmosphere was the closest to the Weinberg home when the commanding officer could be in Jerusalem.

Yitzchak and Rivka, as their namesakes thousands of years before, arrived in Kiryat Arba 20 years ago. Yitzchak had served in the special "Alpine'' unit of the IDF, climbing every mountain in all weather conditions. Yitzchak was killed as he and his emergency unit headed out to battle on Friday night to assist the IDF. His friend, Colonel Weinberg, died a few feet from Yitzchak. On this Friday night, the two friends could not make kiddush together but their 12 combined children will say kaddish today for their abbas. Yitzchak is survived by his wife and 7 children and a new son-in-law.