Thursday, June 06, 2002

35 years ago

Going by the secular calendar, yesterday was the 35th anniversary of the start of the Six-Day War. Tomorrow is the anniversary of the day Jerusalem came back into Jewish hands.

We - Israel - won that war. Our enemies had declared their intention, as usual, to push us into the sea, to dance in our blood, etc. We begged Jordan's King Hussein not to join our other enemies; he turned us down, probably more afraid of what his "allies" would do to him if he didn't, then of the consequences of losing to Israel.

Sure enough, he lost his "west bank" - our Judea and Samaria - including Jerusalem. Oddly, neither he nor his son have asked for it back. I guess they must be thinking, "Let those Jews keep the land and all those 'refugee Palestinians.' Arafat and his crazies are more trouble to us than the land is worth!"

I've really been trying to understand the Moslem point of view. Yesterday, at a technical conference, I met a Canadian/Egyption who was willing to talk openly with me. "I think I know what Israel ought to do, but you won't like it," he said. "Try me," I answered.

"I think Israel should have annexed all the lands it won, and simply made all their residents Israeli citizens. I think it would have worked better had they done it in 1967, but it's still not too late," he said. That's one I hadn't heard from an Arab.

Could it work? In 1967, I think it might have. But now, with generations of inbred hatred, I don't know if it could happen - unless we deported those who didn't want to swear allegiance to the State of Israel. "Just get them credit cards and a mortgage, and you'll see what great citizens they become," said my cheerful new friend.

I asked him how any good Moslem could countenance living with Jews. "You have to realize that Islam never had anything comparable to a Reformation," he said. "Parts of the Koran say one thing about relations with Jews and Christians, while other parts say something quite different. I think we have to be willing to forsake the bad parts, and keep the profound and universal truths."

I am skeptical about that happening, frankly. But I was warmed by my new friend's optimism. I'm not willing to give up land for peace, but credit ratings? It's a thought...

Wednesday, June 05, 2002

Please read

This is not a well-written eulogy. It's just news and a couple of quick interviews, followed by a list of victims whose names have been released.

Read the whole thing. Note the ages of the victims. Don't you wonder why we continue to allow this?

16 killed in attack on bus by moving car bomb in Megiddo

The Arabs attacked Israel in 1967 on this day, and lost. This is their celebration.

It's time to change assumptions: 1. We've been acting as if the Arabs really want peace, under some conditions. It's time to recognize that the only condition under which they want peace with us involves all of us resting in peace.

2. We've assumed Arafat is a popular leader. Actually, he is - in the same way as a Mafia don. Arabs fear him; that's why they don't resist.

3. We've assumed there is someone with whom we can negotiate on the Arab side. Reality has revealed this to be the most fatal of fantasies. We must act as if we are dealing with a poisonous, headless monster. It must be subdued, as humanely as possible. Period.

Dear Government of Israel, how cheaply do you hold the lives of your citizens? I call on you to change your assumptions and act accordingly. For Jerusalem's sake!

Larry Miller on French "accidents"

Le Jour de Gloire n'est pas Arrive

Monday, June 03, 2002

The peace that kills

Carolyn Glick writes in the Jerusalem Post of the peace that loses wars. A well-articulated argument.

Sunday, June 02, 2002

An agnostic writes to Palestinians

Women in Green is circulating this great letter from David White of New Zealand: An agnostic writes to Palestinians.

A parable in verse

Will Warren's talent continues to delight me; check out The Mice and the Cat, then read his other poetic comments.