Friday, May 31, 2002

International Red Cross: Still Jew-haters

Even after being publicly shamed into accepting Magen David Adom as a "full-fledged member" after more than six decades, the International Red Cross is still doing anything it can to avoid helping Jews.

israelinsider: There are none so blind…

israelinsider: There are none so blind… Once again a suicide bomber kills himself and a number of presumably Israeli civilians, and a glib representative of the Palestinian Authority gets on MSNBC and says he deplores the killing of innocent civilians, be they Israelis or Palestinians. He draws no distinction between his people's being used as human shields by terrorists and some dying as a result of military action to stop the breeders of terror, and the deliberate targeting of civilians by suicide bombers for no other reason that to instill fear in the population of Israel. It is easy to find moral equivalency when you have no morality in the first place.

Thursday, May 30, 2002

Naomi Ragen: It's NOT about land!

What is it about? Islam!

Naomi Ragen: The Uniqueness of Palestinian Terrorism

Naomi's preface to this piece by Professor Louis Rene Beres, and his student, and the piece itself, are both worth reading.

Naomi Ragen: Thoughts on NPR Bias

"Memo to NPR: My Wallet Stays Closed"

An amazing exchange

The Weekly Standard has been writing about UNRWA lately. In this exchange, Paul McCann, the agency's head of public information, writes what sounds like a reasonable and civil later of urbane outrage at the allegations of the magazine. It is very convincing - until you read the DOCUMENTED rebuttal by the magazine's David Tell. Long, and well-worth reading completely.

End Arafat's occupation

israelinsider from Jerusalem Post: End Arafat's occupation It is time for Israel and its supporters to finally muster up the courage to acknowledge the cold, hard truth - the West Bank and Gaza are "occupied territories."

Tuesday, May 28, 2002

Sponsor someone to walk around Jerusalem (Psalms 48:12)

Women for Israel's Tomorrow (Women In Green ) in the observance of an ancient custom, will again arrange for the annual Walk around the Walls of the Old City of Jerusalem on Tisha B'Av evening. This year the Event will take place on Wednesday, July 17, 2002.

The Walk commemorates the destruction of the First and Second Temples which occurred on the same day, 2588 and 1,932 years ago, respectively. Those participating, at the same time, will be praying for the rebuilding of the Third Temple in Jerusalem on the sacred Temple Mount.

Despite the existing Arab terrorist activities, more than 80,000 persons participated in the Walk last year; two years ago, more than 100,000 people took part.

We hope that you are able to come to Jerusalem to personally participate in the Walk. However, even if you are not able to be in Jerusalem for this special Memorial Day on the 9th day of the Hebrew Month of Av, you can participate in this Walk by sponsoring a person to Walk in your behalf.

The minimum amount for sponsoring such a person is $25, but you are urged to contribute beyond that sum at this critical hour for Jerusalem. It is also your personal statement in support of the City of G-d.

Each contributor sponsoring a participant in the Walk, in his or her behalf, will be sent a card that specifies your personal participation or sponsorship in this historical event.

Wherever you are located, you will have the spiritual experience of having walked around the Old City Walls in Holy Jerusalem on Tisha B'Av evening.

Now more than ever we need people who will identify with the Prophet Isaiah who said: "For Jerusalem's sake, I will not be silent."

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Monday, May 27, 2002

Hanson on the Mideast on National Review Online

The Abuse of History, like so much of Hanson's writing, explores straightforward observations and intelligently extrapolates from them.

"Distorted and frankly fraudulent"

Arutz Sheva - Israel National News quotes Middle East News Line: "This is how Frank Gaffney, president of the Washington-based Center for Security Policy, describes the recent State Department Report on Terrorism."

2 dead, 53 injured in Petach Tikva

This is the result of setting Arafat free instead of holding him responsible. When will we wake up?

Crimes of War Project

A reader said he had been reluctant to sign my petition asking the US government to declare suicide bombing a "crime against humanity" because he was not sure what the phrase meant. He researched the matter, and found Crimes Of War Project - The Book If you read this, I think you will agree that signing the petition is a good idea.

One Soldier at a Time

My name is Aaron Singer. I am a father, a husband, and a fourth-grade teacher. I'm also an Israel Army Reservist.

On Sunday, April 21, 2002, I flew from New York to Israel to serve as a paratrooper reservist in the Israel Defense Force.,,,

Sunday, May 26, 2002

Petition: Racist English course in Berkeley catalog should be removed

Consider signing this petition, regarding a course to be taught this fall at Berkeley, too.

Petition: Suicide bombing is a crime against humanity

Please sign this petition.

UPI Analysis: Why Europeans bought Jenin myth

This is a good analysis, and a powerful read. (Frankly, I have come to the conclusion that the answer to the question is simple: The world hates Jews because it hates God, and we are God's people.)

Suicide bombers recruited from terminally ill

From Naomi Ragen:


Israeli news Channel Two reported last night that the motivation for suicide bombing was not only "ideological." According to official Israeli sources, Palestinian terrorist recruiters visit terminally ill patients in cancer wards, and two of the suicide bombers in Israel were terminally ill and money was offered to their families. The two women homicide bombers were both divorced and shunned by their families and felt their lives were over anyway. They too were recruited, as a way of bringing "honor" to themselves after disgracing their families. The other bombers were children of very poor families who encouraged the sacrifice of their children as a way of making a buck. They received thousands of dollars, which is why they are encouraging their other sons to do the same.

So the next time someone tells you about the poor, brave, desperate Palestinian that "sacrifices" so much, tell them to read this, and to take a flying leap into reality.