Thursday, May 02, 2002

Send a Pizza to Israeli Soldiers!
This is real, not virtual: Invest $17 - or more - in our nation, in a simple and practical way. (Thanks, LGF, for the pointer.)
George Will: The Truth about Anti-Semitism
The most successful ideology of the 20th century? Unfortunately, there is a solid case for the assertion.
This is Who We Are!
Read what happens when an Israeli army unit occupies an Arab home. (You won't find this on CNN, NPR, or other Jew-hating media.) But why do we do such a poor job of letting the world know?
You Can Help!
This site shows specific ways in which you can help.

Wednesday, May 01, 2002

Is Israel Overreacting?
The latest FLAME ad does a great job of expressing calmly and reasonably the stuff that I tend to start hyperventilating and sputtering about.
CAMERA Study Shows NYT Bias
Is this just the leftist Jewish contingent, or another influence?

Tuesday, April 30, 2002

Theater of the Absurd
First, everyone acts as if Arafat's kangaroo court is a valid legal proceeding. Next, Zeevi's assassins to be imprisoned in Jericho. Oh, and who will watch them? Representatives of the descendants of Bevan's government. Could such a thing happen to any other country in the world?
Deep in the Heart of ...?israelinsider: politics: After deluge of reactions, Texas firm regrets boycott letter

Sunday, April 28, 2002

Tom DeLay Stands for Israel
Women in Green circulate this USA Today report of DeLay's address to AIPAC. Good stuff.
Naomi Ragen: Passover
Remember the Passover Massacre? Yes, it's almost ancient history; why, it must be--let's see, at least 30 days since it happened....

I hope you sense, as I do, how bizarre the emotional state into which we've been driven is. Let us pray to retain our humanity in the face of a surfeit of inhumanity.

And this from Naomi: "A while back I told you I'd written an article about being at the Park Hotel during the Passover Massacre, and that the New York Times turned down the piece because they were using one written by Andrew Sullivan, who wasn't there. Many of you asked me to send out the piece, which was just published in the weekend magazine of the Jerusalem Post. I'm sending it on to all of you who are interested.....

"Just as an aside: Many groups are coming to express their solidarity with Israel in the wake of that terrible event. They are coming to the Park Hotel--site of the massacre--and eating lunch there. I would like to ask them, as one of the victims, not to patronize the Park Hotel, which I hold fully responsible for the tragedy which almost took my family from me, as you will read.

"In addition, the owners of the Park Hotel are refusing to return the deposit money of the guests (the very least they can do) unless guests sign away all legal rights to hold the hotel responsible.

"If you want to show solidarity with the victims of the Passover Massacre, stand in front of the Park Hotel with signs and Israeli flags, signs which say: J"ustice for the Victims of the Passover Massacre."

"Then go around the corner and eat lunch at the Seasons Hotel which had the decency to hire adequate security on Seder night, allowing their guests to finish the Seder in peace. Also, the food is much better."
Amnesty International's Jew-hating
IsraelInsider carries Jon Podhoretz's excellent article.
Krauthammer: Please Excuse the Jews for Living
Read this. Then start packing, dear friends.

How many accounts of the Europe of the thirties have I read, how many movies have I seen, where I cried, "Why didn't they leave? Why couldn't they see what was happening?"

And in recent years, I've learned horrifyingly more of the guilty truth of America's turning Jews away, before, during, and after the War. (Does anyone remember the St. Louis? Google it, as the name of a ship, if you are curious.)

When my Uncle Bobby was denied entrance to Columbia University in 1949, an embarrassed registrar pleaded with my grandfather: "Does his name have to be Blumenfeld?" Well, yes, it did. That's why Bobby joined his Habonim garin, and went off to Israel - and never regretted it.

"It can't happen here." Right.

"It's dangerous in Israel!" It is. And in New York, Chicago, Paris, Brussels, Buenos Aires, Singapore, Sydney, Delhi, Capetown, London, you think you're safe?

If you don't believe in God, I don't know how you make head or tails of this mess. And what hope do you have? If your IQ exceeds room temperature (Fahrenheit), you can't have failed to notice that some people hate you just for being a Jew. You cannot appease them. You cannot buy their love or their friendship. You have only three choices: let them kill you, flee, or fight.

But you cannot fight alone, in a Jew-hating country, any more than our Polish and German relatives could, sixty years ago. That's why they tried, at any price, to get to that little sliver of land nestled between Lebanon and Egypt. When it was more dangerous than it is today. When we were renting from an evil British landlord.

Today we own.

If you don't believe in God, come to Israel, and in the community of bickering Jews, you will immediately begin to experience the sense of homecoming.

If you do believe in God, it's time to stop ignoring that quiet "something is telling me..." in your heart, and head home. Fearmongers and terrorists to the contrary, it's still the safest place on earth for a Jew. There have STILL been more deaths in Israel from car accidents than from terror this year!

Time to go home! Start now, and avoid the rush...
What Is an Outrage?
The abandonment of absolutes leads to a surreal reality. The Jerusalem Post addresses the insane issues calmly.
You want atrocities?
Spinwar shows us pictures, with this comment: "The international media, subject to threats by the Palestinians, is shying away from publishing any material that may be damaging to the Palestinian image. This past Tuesday, three Palestinian prisoners, arrested on collaboration charges, were yanked from jail by Palestinians, shot over two-hundred times, dragged through the streets of Hebron, hung on a utility pole at the main square and left for viewing for over four hours. Palestinian crowds cheer, swear and spit on their corpses."

Hello, humanitarians? I'd like to report a, it was't ANY dirty Jew, it was Arabs... Hello? Hello?
Re-elect E. Nough
Kudos to Charles Johnson of LGF for modeling to US legislators what they ought to say and do. (No, it isn't real; and more's the pity.)
Some Unbecoming Sarcasm

Wow! "Considers"? Are you sure you want to make that strong a commitment? After all, isn't it more fun playing Charlie Brown to Syria's Lucy, trusting them to hold the football steady on the 4,987th try? Watch out, Assad! Tremble! The US is CONSIDERING sanctions.

I wonder where the marksman who killed five-year-old Danella Shefi yesterday was trained.

The US can put a stop to this, by acting on the truth. Have we no shame, that we do not do it?
"...annihilate them soon" says imam of holy mosque of Medina
Apparently neglecting to coordinate his remarks with those that his leader was sharing with President Bush in Texas, Shaykh Salah Bin-Muhammad al-Budayr reiterates what Arafat has been saying for years: Jews are monkeys and pigs, that must be destroyed.

What kind of agreement would you make with such people?
Aerial Photos Show Affected Part of Jenin
Israel Defense Forces spokesperson site shows that the total area was only about 100 meters square.