Sunday, April 14, 2002

For days, the Israeli press has been warning that the "Palestinians" will not allow bodies to be removed from the streets in Jenin and other towns, because they intend to produce the appearance of an atrocity. Now the campaign has begun.


Such a thing could not be kept secret for a moment in Israel. Professor Kenneth Preiss of Ben Gurion University sent this letter to several newspapers, and encourages all to do something similiar to their local and national press:

"Please inform the reporters trying to figure out if the Israeli army is trying to "hide" a "massacre" of Palestinians, that Israel's citizen army includes journalists, members of parliament, professors, doctors, human rights activists, members of every political party, and every other kind of person, all within sight and cell phone distance of home and editorial offices. Thousands of people at the home front know exactly what is going on in the war long before they hear it on the radio or see it on TV because they have been updated by enlisted friends and family with cell phones.

"Massacre" means willful murder of harmless civilians. Had a massacre occurred the personal public grapevine would have been inundated with information about it, within hours. The talk of "massacre" is yet another malicious canard."