Thursday, April 18, 2002

A friend in Israel just sent me this:

From David J. Blumberg:


I am attending the Israel Venture Association annual conference in Tel Aviv and was introduced to Andrea Koppel from CNN as we were waiting for Prime Minister Sharon and Secretary of State Powell to finish their discussion Sunday evening at our hotel.

While we were chatting, an American-born Israeli joined
us to tell Andrea about his perception of media distortion
in that the press that stresses moral equivalence between
Israeli civilian deaths caused by Palestinian terror and
Palestinian civilian deaths caused by Israeli military
actions. He argued that Israel has tried to engage in a
peace process since Camp David and has been double-crossed over and over by the Palestinian Authority. Further,
he argued the civilian deaths caused by Palestinians are intentional, whereas the deaths caused by Israel are mostly the tragic, unintentional results caused by Israel trying to defend itself.

Andrea replied, "So when Israeli soldiers slaughter civilians
in Jenin, that is not equivalent?"

Israeli: "What are your sources? Were you in Jenin? How exactly do you know there was a slaughter?"

Andrea: "I just spoke with my colleagues who were there, and they told me of the slaughter."

Israeli: "Did they actually see the shooting, the bodies?"

Andrea: "Palestinians told us about the slaughter."

Israeli: "And you believe them without evidence. Could they
possibly be lying and distorting facts?"

Andrea: "Oh, so now they are all just lying??" [sic]

The Israeli became emotional in describing that his children are afraid, his friends have been murdered, and if this goes on, "We could lose our lives or we could lose our country."

Andrea, "Yes, you will lose your country."

At this point, I interrupted the two of them and asked Andrea Koppel, "Did I just hear you correctly-- that you believe the current crisis will lead to the destruction of the State of Israel?"

Andrea: "Yes, I believe we are now seeing the beginning of the end of Israel."