Monday, November 25, 2002

Media blackout on Women-in-Green demonstration outside PM's office

The Government and the Media Refuse to Acknowledge the Will of the Majority!

We purportedly live in a democracy where there is a free press and where our government is responsive to the will of the People. Not so! You would think that a demonstration held outside of the Prime Minister's Office yesterday morning in which citizens raised their voices in protest against the creation of a Palestinian State would at least be reported in the Media that day or the following morning. It was not.

WOMEN IN GREEN have amassed over 350,000 signatures to date to a Petition addressed to Prime Minister Sharon, voicing rigorous opposition to another Arab State east of the Jordan River. Each day new signatures are faxed to the Prime Minister - which he apparently ignores. These signatures represent the will of the overwhelming majority of the Jewish People here in Israel, as well as the position of masses of people abroad.

Unfortunately, the media has a silent pact amongst themselves not to report any events of a Jewish nationalistic nature. It is a deplorable censorship within this so-called democracy. A very large majority of the Jewish People have national feelings. Judaism and the Torah, in fact, encourage such feelings.

Member of the Knesset Yuri Shtern, former MK Elyakim Haetzni and Jan Willem Vander Hoeven, President of Christian Zionist for Israel, and Nadia Matar, co-chair of Women In Green, spoke at this important occasion and on this important topic. Despite our Media Release, no TV, no radio, no reporters were present, only an abundance of photographers. Nothing appeared in any of the newspapers, nor on television, nor on radio, that day or the following day! The editors of these papers, in consonance with their conspiracy to suppress national feelings, saw to it. In stark contrast, even the smallest innocuous demonstration of Meretz or Labor receives widespread coverage in our media.

Moreover, the media both here in Israel and abroad, do everything in their power to prevent the people from realizing that the Jewish populace shares a common opposition to another Arab State within the Biblical Land of Israel. That opposition is not surprising. The hatred of Jews taught in the Arab school system, and expressed in their propaganda, is an established fact. Moreover the murders and immoral terrorist behavior of the Arabs over the past two years, daily reminds us all of the terrible consequences which would follow the establishment of an Arab State within our midst.

Prime Minister Sharon has done nothing during his term in office to rectify the deplorable present state of affairs in the way the public receives its news and information. Our Courts, moreover, have lent a helping hand to suppress the will of the Knesset which had passed a law over two years ago, legitimizing Arutz 7, a small radio station which strives to report the news objectively. The courts have thus given its silent approval that the left remain in control of our present media.

We need a citizen uprising and protest against this intolerable situation. Until that occurs, the Jewish People will not fully recognize that the position they hold against the establishment of a Palestinian State is one shared by an overwhelming majority. Both the Government of Sharon and the media should be made to listen to the will of that majority! People power could bring about the necessary changes to make Israel a vibrant democracy.

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