Thursday, November 28, 2002

Killings of Israelis over past two days

Headlines from DEBKAfile:

Five Israelis killed, 40 injured - 7 seriously, one critically - in Palestinian shooting-grenade rampage at Beit Shean central bus station, post office and crowded Likud voting booth, Thursday afternoon. Soldiers shoot two dead. Suspected booby-trapped car found nearby. Among wounded are three sons of veteran Israeli politician David Levy

Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, arm of Arafat’s Fatah, claims Beit Shean killings

PM puts Mossad Director Dagan in charge of security crisis created by two major terrorist attacks, believed by al Qaeda, on Israeli targets in Mombasa, Kenya early Thursday. Unknown group called “Palestinian Army” claims Mombasa attacks mark anniversary of UN resolution creating Jewish state in broadcast over Hizballah TV Al Manar

Ten killed, including 3 Israelis - two of them children, more than 80 wounded - of which 13 Israelis - in suicide car bomb blast at Israeli-owned Mombasa Paradise Hotel as 146 Israeli tourists checked in. Two Israelis in critical condition. IDF sends two Hercules transports with medical staff to aid and evacuate casualties

Two heat-seeking missiles fired at same time from white minivan misses Arkia Boeing 757 taking off from Mombasa airport. Plane with 260 unhurt passengers and crew has landed at Ben Gurion. Kenya police announce two arrests, report attacks carried out by two teams of three men each of Arab appearance