Friday, April 26, 2002

Preaching to the Converted?
A major challenge to those who are trying to get the truth out is to keep talking and telling, even when it seems as if we are repeating both ourselves and what is being said by others in our "circles of agreement." I think we haven't learned--or maybe it's just me, and I need to encourage myself on this point--the basic point of the "big lie" strategy attributed to Goebbels: Repetition works. We have to "keep on keepin' on."

For example, it's much too easy for me to dismiss ABC, BBC,and their fellow feces-mongers on the issue of "atrocities," having thoroughly convinced myself of the truth, and noting that most of the sources that I respect feel the same.

Fellow supporters of Zionism and Israel - be strong and of good courage! While many of your "hits" are from people who already agree, they need your support and encouragement. And some people to whom your information is new are reading it, and are being positively affected by it.