Thursday, April 25, 2002

CNN Strikes Again - Mike Hanna: Palestinian justice in Ramallah - April 25, 2002

A jaw-dropping exhibition of naivete or what Mike Hanna says in this ostensible piece of reporting:

CNN: So this was sort of like an olive branch held out by Yasser Arafat to the Israelis?

HANNA: Well, very much so, on one level. There have been demands, and from the U.S. as well, a very strong demand last week from President Bush, that these men be brought to justice. The whole question of whether justice has been served in this case, well, that is open to debate. [!!! -Joel] It was not a court. It was an extraordinary military tribunal, as it is called, a makeshift military tribunal.

But certainly, Yasser Arafat apparently [was] wanting to make clear that he is intent on bringing justice in this particular case, that he is taking action against those who assassinated that Israeli tourism minister. (Emphasis added.)