Friday, September 26, 2003

Women in Green: Criminals of Oslo

Women in Green's Nadia Matar:

Yes, Indeed - Peres and His Friends are the Criminals of Oslo

How would the English have reacted, if Chamberlain, in the midst of England’s war with Germany, had held a celebration of his 1938 Munich Accords with Hitler? If Chamberlain then had said that the Munich agreements were not a mistake. If Chamberlain had claimed “Hitler had been democratically elected by his People”. That it was still possible to make “peace” with Hitler. If Chamberlain had claimed that the way to peace was to give Hitler more weapons and ammunition, and more parts of Europe.

These questions are merely hypothetical, since Chamberlain finally realized he had made a mistake in dealing with Hitler. He painstakingly came to the conclusion that Hitler was not someone to make peace with.

Unlike Chamberlain, Shimon Peres remains unrepentant. He is still proud of his illegally conceived Oslo Accords. Peres deems it irrelevant that Oslo went against the will of the majority of the Jewish People. It was Peres who gave them guns under Oslo, and also large parts of Israel’s Biblical Homeland. Moreover, Peres still believes, as he stated in a recent interview with the Hebrew daily Maariv, that Arafat deserved his Noble Peace Prize.

Ten years after Oslo, there have been 1,200 Jews murdered and thousands maimed for life. Jews have similarly been burned by Arab suicide bombers in buses, like they were burned and gassed in the crematoria of Hitler. Arabs kill Jews not because they live in Yesha, but because they are alive.

If Shimon Peres and the other Oslo architects had admitted they were wrong nobody would have called them criminals. Perhaps naive fools but not criminals. But they continue to still want Israel to shake hands and hug Arafat. They still want to give him large parts of the Jewish Homeland. That is why they have crossed the redline and have turned from being naive fools to Oslo criminals. They call upon Israel to negotiate with their evil Arab enemy, Arafat. They want to uproot Jews from their Homeland. They consider the Jews of Judea, Samaria and the Gaza Strip to being “an obstacle to peace”.

Peres and his friends would liquidate the Jewish Community of Hebron, where the Matriarchs and Patriarchs of the Jews are buried, and where King David first ruled 3,000 years ago. The attitude of Peres and his friends with regard to Jews living in Judea, Samaria, Hebron and Gaza, is unquestionably racism in its clearest form. Yet Peres and his liberal friends will overlook basic democratic principles for the sake of seeking an illusory “peace”.

The criminal message of Oslo is that the Jewish People have no historical, moral, Biblical, or legal right to exist as a Jewish State in the Land of Israel. Oslo has turned truth and the moral values of Western Civilization upside-down. The vicious Arab aggressor is now being portrayed by Peres and his liberal friends as “the victim”. The Jew who has lived in his Promised Land for over 3,000 years, has been turned into the “occupying aggressor”. George Orwell could not have done a better job than Peres and his friends. All this is a direct result of the Oslo mentality.

If we want Israel to survive as a Jewish State, we must, once and for all, eradicate Oslo. The “Road Map” is merely a disastrous continuation of Oslo and that too must be abandoned by Israel. Whatever good deeds Shimon Peres may have done in the past, they do not atone for his criminal Oslo actions, and his continual disloyalty to Israel, both in the media and to many foreign Governments, both here and abroad.

Therefore, Women in Green will continue to call for the indictments of the Oslo criminals. More than 50 years ago Moshe Sharet, a former Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Israel, made this astute prognosis:

“I totally and utterly reject Shimon Peres and consider his rise to prominence, a malignant, immoral disgrace. I will rend my clothes in mourning for the State of Israel, if I see him become a Minister in the Israeli Government.”

Sadly, Shimon Peres indeed has risen to prominence. His recent 80th birthday celebration caused Israel to expend enormous sums of money to provide security for his international guests. This selfish egoistic act is inexcusable, at a time when Israel’s economy is severely strained, forcing its military budget to be significantly reduced.

Unfortunately, the left controlled media did not objectively allow to be reported any negative aspects of Peres. Moreover, the thousands who viewed the participation of Sharon and Katzav in Peres’ birthday celebration, interpreted their action as if they approved of Peres’ continuous disloyalty to Israel.

In accordance with what Sharet said about Peres many years ago, thousands of Jews have already torn their clothes in mourning. Jews should moreover, continue to mourn that Peres is still held in high esteem by some Jews in Israel and America, and by many enemies of Israel. It should be remembered however, that Peres’ views are not held by the great majority of Jews in Israel. The Jewish People everywhere remain loyal to the Land of Israel, and to the Torah of Israel.

Nadia Matar

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