Sunday, June 23, 2002

Gary Schafer: Land for peace / Peace for land

This sounds good to me! In a letter to IsraelInsider, Schafer writes:

"A new direction is required of Israel if it is ever to know peace.

"Israel has offered land to the Palestinians for a guaranteed peace, recognition of the State of Israel, and for the right to exist. This has not worked.

"Israelis non-combatants, women and children are being murdered daily by terrorists and their suicide bombers. Hamas is supporting them, and Arafat and his Fatah party are either powerless to stop them or behind closed doors, they are content with their actions.

"Israel must now look at "peace for land." The shoe must be put on the other foot, the Palestinian foot. The table must be turned.

"Israel should take the West Bank and Gaza Strip and divide it on a comprehensive map, into small sections. Give each section a number corresponding to their defense and security requirements. One being the most easily defended by Israel, and so on until all of this land is numbered.

"Each time an Israeli non-combatant is killed or dies from injuries from a terrorist attack the Israeli military takes immediate action. For each death, a section is taken by the Israeli military and all people living or working there are pushed back into remaining sections.

"Every month that goes by without a terrorist attack, a section is released back to the Palestinians in reverse order.

"This plan would galvanize those Palestinians that want peace for themselves and their families and those that desperately want their own homeland and national identity. They would be the ones clamoring for and end to these terrible atrocities against Israeli women and children. Even the hard liners would be made to see the cause and effect of their actions. A slow, methodical plan that is unstoppable.

"What needs to be done? A plan, a map and the will to carry it out."