Wednesday, June 05, 2002

16 killed in attack on bus by moving car bomb in Megiddo

The Arabs attacked Israel in 1967 on this day, and lost. This is their celebration.

It's time to change assumptions: 1. We've been acting as if the Arabs really want peace, under some conditions. It's time to recognize that the only condition under which they want peace with us involves all of us resting in peace.

2. We've assumed Arafat is a popular leader. Actually, he is - in the same way as a Mafia don. Arabs fear him; that's why they don't resist.

3. We've assumed there is someone with whom we can negotiate on the Arab side. Reality has revealed this to be the most fatal of fantasies. We must act as if we are dealing with a poisonous, headless monster. It must be subdued, as humanely as possible. Period.

Dear Government of Israel, how cheaply do you hold the lives of your citizens? I call on you to change your assumptions and act accordingly. For Jerusalem's sake!