Sunday, April 28, 2002

Naomi Ragen: Passover
Remember the Passover Massacre? Yes, it's almost ancient history; why, it must be--let's see, at least 30 days since it happened....

I hope you sense, as I do, how bizarre the emotional state into which we've been driven is. Let us pray to retain our humanity in the face of a surfeit of inhumanity.

And this from Naomi: "A while back I told you I'd written an article about being at the Park Hotel during the Passover Massacre, and that the New York Times turned down the piece because they were using one written by Andrew Sullivan, who wasn't there. Many of you asked me to send out the piece, which was just published in the weekend magazine of the Jerusalem Post. I'm sending it on to all of you who are interested.....

"Just as an aside: Many groups are coming to express their solidarity with Israel in the wake of that terrible event. They are coming to the Park Hotel--site of the massacre--and eating lunch there. I would like to ask them, as one of the victims, not to patronize the Park Hotel, which I hold fully responsible for the tragedy which almost took my family from me, as you will read.

"In addition, the owners of the Park Hotel are refusing to return the deposit money of the guests (the very least they can do) unless guests sign away all legal rights to hold the hotel responsible.

"If you want to show solidarity with the victims of the Passover Massacre, stand in front of the Park Hotel with signs and Israeli flags, signs which say: J"ustice for the Victims of the Passover Massacre."

"Then go around the corner and eat lunch at the Seasons Hotel which had the decency to hire adequate security on Seder night, allowing their guests to finish the Seder in peace. Also, the food is much better."