Thursday, March 21, 2002

Truth is elusive--but it can be found, and each of us has a duty to find it. Terror and the War on Terror in Words will help you get to the truth about terror, and recognize ways in which it is hidden.

My friend Professor Shy Lang, who has a long history of involvement in a variety of realms in Israel, taught me what terror is: "It is an attempt to exert political influence on a nation. It has five parties: The instigator, who has a political goal to achieve; the terrorist, sent by the instigator; the innocent parties--and the more innocent and pathetic, the better--upon whom the terror is inflicted; the general population, who is terrified by the act; and the leaders of the government whom the instigator wants to influence, and who will be pressured by the terrorized to achieve the instigator's political goal."

When you learn of an act of terror, ask yourself: Who are the five parties? What is the goal?