Monday, October 28, 2002

From Gamla: No Palestinian state

A Palestinian State? Never!

As soldiers are brutally lynched; as holocaust survivors are massacred while sitting at their traditional Passover meal; as whole families are killed or wounded while enjoying pizza in a downtown restaurant; as soldiers and innocent civilians are burned alive in the bus that was supposed to take them home - all these actions that, according to the polls, are supported and acclaimed by more than half of the Palestinian people; Israeli politicians show their utter moral bankruptcy by still offering part of God's holy land, promised to Israel, to this 'nation' of killers, lynchers, and callous snipers of infants, children and parents.

This is the height of absurdity. No nation in the world would ever do such a thing!

So why are Israel's leaders unable to muster the courage to speak out against this evil? Why will they not tell the nations of the world - who would never allow such a thing themselves - that Israel will not bow to their pressures and accept such a suicidal solution?

So perilous and evil is this proposal for the establishment of a Muslim terrorist state in the midst of the land God promised His own people, that God may have no choice but to allow a mega terrorist attack to prevent its establishment.

Will it be necessary, in order for this satanically inspired plan to be stopped, for the fool-hearted Israelis who have succumbed to it to first see an EL AL passenger liner shot down over Tel Aviv by a Palestinian terrorist wielding a shoulder-launched missile from the very Samarian hills the Israelis are contemplating giving away--for ever--as part of the to-be-formed Palestinian state? Will it take such a terrible attack, which would not only stop dead the last trickle of tourism to this land, but which would also show what can be done by the enemies of Israel, once these areas just 15 miles from Israel's principal nerve centers are under their full control?

Truly only fools would consider such a scenario!

Far better, surely, is the solution already put forward in 1957 by none other than the official Advisor on Refugees to the World Council of Churches, Elfan Rees, who writes in The Refugee Problem Today and Tomorrow:

"I hold the view that, political issues aside, the Arab refugee problem is by far the easiest postwar refugee problem to solve by integration. By faith, by language, by race and by social organization, they are indistinguishable from their fellows of the host countries. There is room for them, and land for them, in Syria and in Iraq. There is a developing demand for the kind of manpower that they represent. More unusually still, there is the money to make this integration possible. The United Nations General Assembly, five years ago, voted a sum of 200 million dollars to provide 'homes and jobs' for the Arab refugees. That money remains unspent, not because these tragic people are strangers in a strange land, because they are not; not because there is no room for them to be established, because there is; but simply for political reasons."

Jan Willem van der Hoeven, Director
International Christian Zionist Center