Wednesday, September 11, 2002

Voice of Judea comments on light sentences handed down to convicted terrorists

The Jerusalem District Court accepted the state's appeal and increased the sentence of Taha Ahsan, 22, a member of Fatah's Tanzim militia who had planned to carry out several attacks in Jerusalem, to nine years prison.

Ahsan, a resident of the capital's Old City, was sentenced to five years' imprisonment on March 25.

Voice of Judea commentary: Here's another example of where Liberalism literally kills. The Israelis caught a die-hard terrorist. Instead of executing him or imprisoning him for life, preventing him from ever taking JEWISH life, they give him 9 years. After which he will get out, 9 years more bitter, more hateful, and with fewer options in life other than terrorism. Imprisonment HAS NO REHABILITATIVE VALUE FOR TERRORISTS. The only reason for imprisoning a terrorist is PREVENTION: to keep him off the streets. Jail will not reform him, just keep him from killing Jews.

As soon as he gets out, he will kill Jews with more hardcore hatred than before.

TO ISRAELI JUDGES: If you catch a terrorist, either execute him or imprison him for life. Anything else makes YOU a murderer and directly responsible for those he will kill when he gets out.