Tuesday, August 27, 2002

Voice of Judea: Israel lifting restrictions in Gaza - Arabs respond with mortars

Israel agreed to begin lifting restrictions on "Palestinians" in the Gaza Strip due to a drop in violence. The move was agreed upon in a security meeting Monday night between Israeli and "Palestinian" security officials, the Israeli daily Haaretz reported. The Israeli army also announced it would begin easing restrictions on "Palestinians" in Bethlehem starting Wednesday. The measures include letting "Palestinian" workers into Israel, lifting travel restrictions on teachers and permitting clergy to travel between Jerusalem and Bethlehem, the paper said.

In spite of Israel's announcement to surrender more land, Arabs launched a mortar shell that hit the roof of a home in Neve Dekalim in Gush Katif shortly past 11 PM tonight, reports Israel Radio.

Voice of Judea Commentary:

Here we go again. Once upon a time, Ariel Sharon demanded "complete quiet" and a complete cessation of violence before making additional compromises and negotiations with the so called Palestinians. Now, he is prepared to reward them for their previous violence and is prepared to give them land and what not for a temporary "drop in violence."