Wednesday, August 21, 2002

Practical help for Israeli children with disabilities

My friend (we were in the Nachal together) Shmulik Ben-Dov is a music therapist in Jerusalem. Through his love and talent, this gentle man has helped scores of children and adults with varying disabilities--many autistic, many with different types and degrees of mental retardation. Budgets for his work are always tight. He has been trying for some time to build a wonderfully innovative play area for one of the institutions with which he is affiliated--a musical play area, where the various climbing and playing things will have musical qualities.

He got students from the world-renowned Bezalel School of Design to design the area. All he needs now to make it happen is some money. Not much: I think he said the total would be around $30,000.

Like Israel's hospitals, the facilities for children with disabilities do not differentiate by national origin, race, religion, or anything.

Shmulik tells me the donations are tax-deductible. Please write to him and tell him how much you are sending, so he can tell you where to send it.