Tuesday, July 30, 2002

Two from Kfar Tapuach killed; three injured in Jerusalem suicide bombing

Voice of Judea reports: Motti and Shlomo Odessar, two brothers from Kfar Tapuach were killed while delivering diesel fuel to a nearby Arab village Tuesday morning.

Earlier at approximately 6 AM, several miles north of Tapuach in the village of Itamar, a terrorist was shot dead after sneaking on to the Yishuv, into a home and stabbing a man.

Those wishing to support the Jewish Legion dog defense program in Tapuach and Itamar or to volunteer for guard duty can call 054 876 709 or email JewishLegion@aol.com, or visit www.JewishLegion.net.

In Jerusalem, shortly after noon, 3 Israelis were injured, after a suicide bomber exploded on Rehov HaNeveim, in the city center, near the Bikur Holim hospital.