Tuesday, May 14, 2002

"Purity of Arms"
An oddly stirring locution, explained in this Ha'aretz piece by Nadav Shragai. When I was in Tzahal (64-67) and had the concept explained to me, it was so self-evident that I was bemused. "How could it be otherwise?" I thought.

Sadly, I have since learned how.

Another point - a minor quibble with the use of "terror": Shragai says, "During all the years that passed between these two events, the Palestinians have clung to terrorism as a strategic option. Almost always, their targets were civilians." Let's recall the definition of terror. It is an act with five parties: Someone who wants to achieve a political end; the terrorists, whom they employ; the victims of terror, who MUST be innocent bystanders - the more pathetic, the better; the terrorized public; and the political leaders who are meant to be influenced by those terrorized to achieve the end of the first party.

That's why terror is ALWAYS against civilians.