Thursday, May 09, 2002

Jerusalem 1967
The day we took Jerusalem stands out in my life as an epochal moment. I wasn't there; I was in the north, not far from my kibbutz (at the time), Rosh HaNikra. We got the news that the Kotel - the "Wailing Wall" - was in our hands. And all of us religion-rejecting Zionist youngters were stunned. We knew that Something Very Important had happened.

In the days that followed, I learned that several of my friends had been killed in the battles. Numbness lasted for weeks; eventually, it gave way to grief, and to healing. In the years since, my sense of the greatness of the event has only increased. "Our feet shall stand within your gates, Yerushalayim, which is built as a city that is joined together," it says in Psalms 122:3 (my own translation). When had this city ever been split before? Could the Psalmist be referring to that day in 1967?